Last week shipped water treatment system and beverage processing system to Malawi customers

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Given that the serious situation of Covid-19, the manufacture industries have to shut down their producing temperately, and with the recovery of China nationwide situation, many factories continue to run their business. Last week, a batch of water treatment system and beverage processing system from honor machinery factory was just shipped to Malawi customers, which represents the industry was totally recovered from the bad situation which caused by the fluidity, and the producing line of water treatment system and beverage processing system are gradually getting back on track.

 Shipped water treatment system and beverage processing system to Malawi customers

The principle of water treatment system and the filling process

The working principle of the liquid filling machine is to transport materials through the gear pump, push the piston into the cylinder, pump the materials into the cylinder of the container, connect them with the check valve in the middle, and then push the cylinder to push the materials in the cylinder. The material is retracted back into the filling head by the piston to achieve filling. Liquid filling machine is suitable for filling paste and liquid in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries by virtue of its product performance. Used for quantitative filling of sealing hose.


Through advanced technology and filling process, the liquid filling machine can produce up to 10-50 bottles per minute, which greatly improves the filling speed. The liquid filling machine can also be used for filling various semi fluid, viscosity, paste, sauce and various granular materials, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the filling machine and brings great convenience to our life. It can easily solve the filling problem of liquid and small particles. In the filling process, as long as the correct operation, there will not be too much problem.


 Shipped water treatment system and beverage processing system to Malawi customers

A reliable supplier from China

Located in Zhangjiagang, one of the most important port city in China, Honor Machine provides the wide range of liquid filling capabilities and industry experience while delivering the lower cost of ownership for the customers. However, they are not only a filling equipment manufacturer, but also design and build factories, equipment layout, circuit layout and equipment operation schemes. Our equipment is designed carefully, ned carefully, easy to use and easy to manage. And their business range covers water treatment system, beverage processing system, alcohol/beer filling and packaging production line, oil filling and packaging, sauce filling and packaging, Zip-top can filling and packaging, bottle blowing system and injection blowing system.

The water treatment system from Honor includes two main categories. One is Complete industry drinking water reverse, the other is reverse osmosis pure water treatment machine. The water treatment system from Honor adopts different equipment to produce pure water, mineral water etc. It can effectively reduce the hardness of the water to make all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state freshwater standard of fresh drink water.


The advanced technology and considerate service of Honor attracts the customers from all over the world. So, if you want a water treatment system or beverage processing system with a high and stable performance to increase the competitive force of your business, just contact honor without hesitation.


  Shipped water treatment system and beverage processing system to Malawi customers


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