Is the beer bottled or canned?

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In terms of food hygiene, the most suitable packaging for beer is a bottle. If the safety of the beverage or the advantages of filling is recognized, bottles and cans have their pros and cons.

Is the beer bottled or canned?

From food hygiene, the most suitable drink is beer bottled because the beverage is more or less acidic and easy to corrode the metal. Although the can is alumina, it is still a domestic quality problem. Don't believe too much. If you can identify the safety issue of the beverage or the advantages of filling, after all, you can know that it cannot be drunk. From the taste, the bottle is good, and the filling will have a metallic taste, especially in the summer. Said that the filling advantage, at least it will not expand and contract at the same time. From the perspective of cost performance, it is still equipped with advantages. After all, the capacity is large.


There are several selection criteria for buying bottled beer. Beer is different from white wine, it has a shelf life, and the fresher the beer, the better it tastes. You choose the days after the production day. The longer the time, the worse it is. Don't drink outside the shelf life. Generally speaking, big brands mean quality assurance. Some people consider that canned beer is better than bottled. However, excessive intake of aluminum not only damages the human brain, heart, liver, kidney, and immune functions but also is prone to senile dementia.

Everyone thinks that beer cans are better than bottles. Cans are made of metal products and occasionally react with some substances in beer to produce other bad substances. Canned beer of the same brand and the same amount is easily drunk. Like the beer of the brand, the canned beer is more refined and tightly sealed. Easy to get drunk.

Canned beer is good, but bottled beer is better!

The difference between canned beer and bottled beer is a joke upstairs. Can the liquid also be vacuum-packed? The wine is the same; that is, specific process parameters are controlled differently during packaging. The main thing is the PU value, which causes some taste Difference. Generally speaking, the taste of canned food is not as good as glass bottles. The main feature of canned food is that it is easy to carry and suitable for young people. Thus, the beer manufacturers make use of beer bottling line a lot as compared to the other.


Beer Bottling Machine

Final Words

Fresh and refreshing draft beer in cans is usually filled with metal vats. There would be a valve or faucet on the barrel to fill the beer into the glass. Bottled beer is not a beer that has been pasteurized or sterilized at high temperatures. The developers use diverse physical methods of sterilization to achieve certain biological stability. The developers use a beer filling machine that can bottle up the beer properly. This type of beer tastes fresher than other beers. For that reason, you can say that the beer present in the bottles tastes better. Not just that, it does not become injurious to health as bad substances don’t mix up in it.


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