Is the packaging of fruit juice glass made of glass?

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Juice beverages are acidic beverages, and the glass packaging is the best!


Many beverages will use glass bottles, especially the beverages of some large manufacturers, which have been decorated with glass bottles. Many people will feel that the beverages made of glass bottles can be more delicious in taste and can store beverages better. During storage, the gas will not be lost, and its taste will not be effected. Therefore, many large manufacturers will use glass bottles as food containers, and during use, by simply opening, you can bring more convenience to everyone, and the taste of the beverage will not be lost.


Glass bottle juice filling machine

Feature of Glass Bottle


1. Recyclable: the glass bottle can be used repeatedly, which can reduce the packaging cost and meet the characteristics of environmental protection;

2. High tolerance: the glass bottles are safe and sanitary, have good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and have unique advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and cleaning resistance, which can be used for high-temperature sterilization and low-temperature storage. Suitable for the packaging of acid substances (such as vegetable juice drinks, etc.);

3. Good transparency: Although the glass bottle has amber, green, dark green and other colors, most of the beverage bottles are colorless and transparent. You can perspective the interior to observe the filling volume, content color, pulp size and dispersion, as well as whether the beverage is layered and precipitated. Convenient for consumers to choose and drink safely;

4. Good chemical stability: the problem that the container material is corroded by beverage and dissolved directly relates to the safety of food, so many countries attach great importance to it. When glass bottles are used as packaging containers for fruit and vegetable juice or other drinks, there is almost no dissolution from the container materials. Compared with other containers, glass bottles have good chemical stability and durability. This is where the glass bottle is superior to other beverage containers;

5. Good sealing performance: whether it is pressurized carbonated drinks or vacuum sterilized drinks, glass bottles can ensure complete sealing. Unlike some plastic and paper containers, glass containers do not have ventilation, so it can prevent the impact of external air on beverages.

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