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About Honor Machine

Honor Machine provides the wide range of liquid filling capabilities and industry experience while delivering the lower cost of ownership for our customers.

Not Only A Filling Equipment Manufacturer

We are not only a filling equipment manufacturer, but also design and build factories, equipment layout, circuit layout and equipment operation schemes. Our equipment is designed carefully, easy to use and easy to manage. Whether you need a machine or a complete filling and packaging system, we have rich experience to ensure the successful completion of your project.

We are committed to:

  • Automatic industry water treatment system(Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration)

  • All kinds of beverage filling and packaging production lines (water, juice, carbonated drink, all kinds of  liquors)

  • All kinds of Edible Oil and Oil Filling and Packaging Production Lines

  • All kinds of sauce filling and packaging production lines (honey, jam)

  • 1-5 gallon beverages filling and packaging production lines

  • Zip-top can filling and packaging production lines

  • Automatic/Semi automatic bottle blowing system

  • Automatic injection blowing/ Extrusion blowing machine

Main solutions:

Water Filling Solution

Water filling line can apply to fill natural spring water, purified water, carbonated water, flavored water into PET bottle by changing few spare parts.

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CSD Drink Filling Solution

Cola, Sprite, Soda, speaking water, cocktail, flavored water...the variety of carbonated beverage is ever changing. New trend, new products and new packaging...

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Juice Filling Solution

Juice, tea, milk based product, liquid food, energy drinks, milk tea, coffee and so on are all hot filling products. The product variety is ever increasing with flavors and...

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Industry qualification:

Certificate of Conformity
Certificate of Approval
Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.

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