The True Protagonist of Carbonated Drinks

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Carbonated beverage products refer to beverages filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions. Carbonated drinks have some main ingredients, which include carbonated water, citric acid, and diverse acidic substances. Sugar, spices, caffeine, and artificial colors are also added in these drinks. The sugar can supplement the body's energy.


On the other hand, the aerated carbonated beverage contains almost no nutrients. Right now, the beverage companies are using automatic carbonated water filling machine for the filling and packaging of carbonated drinks. This machine is ideal for the bottle and can fill. It is versatile, advanced, and fast.

The True Protagonist of Carbonated Drinks

The production of carbonated drinks started from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. The initial discovery started with drinking carbonated spring water. That is to say, the predecessor of carbonated drinks is natural mineral water. Mineral water research began in Italy in the mid-15th century.

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Mineral water was initially used for therapeutic purposes. It was later confirmed that artificially mixing water and carbon dioxide gas with natural mineral water containing carbon dioxide gas has a unique flavor. It significantly promoted the process of manufacturing and researching carbonated beverages.

In 1772, the British Priestley invented the equipment for making carbonated water. It became the ancestor of making carbonated beverages. He studied the carbonation of water along with the carbonation of wine and beer. He pointed out that the carbonated water produces a pleasant taste. It can escape with the fragrance of other ingredients in the water. He also emphasized the medical value of carbonated water.


In 1807, the United States launched carbonated water for fruit juices and added fruit juice to the carbonated water for flavoring. This kind of product was welcomed. Later, with the synthesis of artificial flavors, the production of liquid carbon dioxide and carbonated filling machine, carbonated beverages were first produced industrially in Europe and the USA.

China’s Carbonated Drinks Industry

China's carbonated beverage industry started late. At the beginning of the last century, with imperialist economic aggression against China, carbonated filling machine and production technology entered China. The small-scale soda plants were established in major coastal cities, such as Tianjin Shanhaiguan, Shanghai Zhengguanghe, Guangzhou Asia, Shenyang Bawang Temple, and Qingdao and other soda plants.

However, the output was meager, such as the Shenyang Bawang Temple soda plant put into operation in 1921. The annual output of soda is only 150 tons. Since then, some small soda plants have been built in Wuhan and Chongqing. As of the eve of liberation, China's total beverage production was only 5,000 tons. After 1980, carbonated beverages developed rapidly.

In 1995, the total output of carbonated beverages reached 3 million tons. It was accounted for about 50% of the total output of soft drinks in China that year.

In 1998, it reached 4.927 million tons, accounting for about 45% of China's total soft drink production. However, the proportion of carbonated beverages in China's beverages is steadily decreasing. It was due to the unique effect of carbonated drinks on relieving thirst and quenching thirst. It cannot be replaced by other beverages, including natural fruit and vegetable juice beverages. Its total output is still increasing.


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