How to solve the problem of the glass bottle labeling machine taking away the label?

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In recent years, with the development of medicine, food, health products and other industries, as well as the continuous progress of packaging technology, at present, China's packaging industry has formed an independent, complete and complete industry system with various packaging, packaging printing and packaging machinery as the main products. Among them, packaging equipment plays an important role in protecting goods, facilitating logistics, promoting sales and service consumption, and different packaging machinery packaging objects are also different. For example, in the labeling of plastic bottles, glass bottles and other round bottles, the sleeve labeling machine plays a key role.


It is understood that the working principle of the sleeve labeling machine is not complicated. Its working principle is mainly that the bottle is sent to the chain plate by the upper assembly line. After the bottle is arranged equidistant by the distance adjusting device into the photoelectric sensing area, the drum label controlled by the stepping motor will automatically send the label after getting the signal, and the label that is automatically peeled will be correctly pasted on the bottle. Another group of photoelectric sensors timely limit the delivery of a label paper. In the process of continuous bottle feeding, the winning paper is correctly pasted on the bottle one by one, and is automatically output after being flattened by the roller, thus completing the whole labeling process.


So what are the advantages of the sleeve labeling machine? According to the industry, the sleeve labeling machine can greatly save labor and material resources in the assembly line of pharmaceutical and other factories, so that factories can save this part and use it for other purposes. The automatic sleeve labeling machine can be designed and customized according to the technological requirements of the enterprise users. Its operation is convenient, flexible and not single. Its functions can be added according to the requirements of the users. There is a large room for change. Compared with the ordinary round bottle labeling machine, it is more efficient.


Nowadays, the round bottle labeling machine has become a labeling machine suitable for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles and other round bottles. And with the rapid development of the labeling machine market, more and more circular labeling machine enterprises are working hard on the design, making the products beautiful, functional, and easy to operate, favored by customers.


However, according to some customers, the operation of the circular labeling machine for glass bottle, is simple. However, in the process of use, there are often problems such as the deviation of labeling or poor labeling quality. So, how to solve the above situation?


Aiming at the problem of mark taking off deviation of high round bottle labeling machine for glass bottle,, the technician of a pharmaceutical machinery enterprise said that the labeling machine for glass bottle, can be carefully inspected. If the problem of mark taking off deviation is caused by too tight installation of pressure belt, only the strength of pressure belt can be increased. In addition, before the automatic operation is stopped, if the tape correction is not stopped, just stop the correction again.


Labeling machine for glass bottle

In case of poor labeling quality, bubble or wrinkle of labeling machine for glass bottle, technicians think there are the following situations and corresponding solutions: incomplete labeling can reduce the speed of labeling; improper gravity adjustment of labeling needs to adjust the strength of labeling; the beginning position of labeling is wrinkled, perhaps because the label is too soft, if the label has been bent when extending, lift and peel. Try to be close to the commodity when marking the plate; if the front and back of the label are not aligned, the inclination of the support rod can be adjusted so that the commodity can be perpendicular to the extension direction of the label, and the inclination can be used to correct the head tail joint error of the label, etc.


In addition to the above corresponding solutions, the user also needs to maintain the equipment regularly during the use of labeling machine for glass bottle. If the problem cannot be solved, the user needs to contact and repair the product manufacturer in time. This also emphasizes that when users choose products, they need to recognize the reasons for regular enterprise products.


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