Structure of wine canning equipment

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There are many types of wine filling equipment, but in terms of its basic structure and principle, it mainly consists of the following parts:


1. Transmission system, which transmits power and movement to the actuator, control element and auxiliary mechanism. The main transmission parts of the wine filling machine are gears, sprockets, worm gears, nuts, etc.;

2. Operating system refers to the supply and delivery of packaging materials and products, the output of packaging materials, etc. The actuator is the key to the machine, and its sequence and movement rules are determined according to the principles and requirements of the process;

3. The control system is used to control the relevant parts of the filling machine, and distribute the motion to the actuator, so that it can coordinate the actions in time and sequence to realize the technological function of the machine;

4. The body is the frame of the machine, mainly supporting and positioning some parts. The stability of the airframe is a design consideration. The keys of the machine should be minimized to make the machine work smoothly. The material and shape of the body should be determined according to the purpose and characteristics of the wine filling equipment. In addition, the fuselage plays a role of support and positioning, and also plays a role of protection and beautification.



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