Precautions for the use of wine filling equipment

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When the wine filling machine is filling, because the grapes are prone to foaming, the liquid level in the bottle needs to be kept the same when filling. In production, according to the usage and product conditions, sometimes the filling machine needs to be adjusted. The following are several commonly used methods.


1. Wine tank level adjustment

Because the height of the wine directly affects the filling speed. If the liquid level is too low to fill at a predetermined filling angle, the filling machine requires that the liquid level in the wine tank be adjusted and controlled at a suitable position, and it remains basically unchanged during the filling process to stabilize the filling. speed.

2. Adjustment of filling volume

The quantitative form of wine filling equipment is quantitative bottle. If the volume of the filling bottle is changed, the height of the piston core in the lifting mechanism can be adjusted. Therefore, changing the volume of the filling bottle will adjust the filling volume. If the quantitative form of the filling machine is a quantitative cup, change the volume of the quantitative cup and adjust the filling volume at the same time.

In the daily maintenance of the wine filling machine, seasonal maintenance of the equipment needs to be done, especially in winter. Good maintenance of the filling machine can not only increase the service life of the filling machine, but also increase work efficiency. Therefore, in daily life, we must do a good job in the maintenance of equipment.

When maintaining the filling machine, it is recommended to add lubricating oil every day to check the use of fixed parts and moving parts. Pay attention to the abnormal noise and abnormal vibration of the equipment. For problems that cannot be solved, maintenance personnel should be arranged to deal with and notify the equipment in time The manufacturer arranges technicians to deal with it.



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