The Operations Of Water Bottling Plants

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Process And Solutions

The process of operation of water bottling plants is one that is not only complex but also requires a high level of expertise. All aspects of the operations are carefully looked into to have an overall success when it comes to water bottling. These areas of great concern are hygienic conditions, safety measures and contaminations that are inherent in the processes. In order to be successful, only the best water filling machines available in the market are needed.

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There are about three or four steps involved inwater bottling plants depending on the choice of products (carbonated water or not). These steps are:

1. Cleaning

Cleaning of the empty bottles is probably the most crucial step in a water bottling plant because of its far-reaching effects on the safety and hygienic condition of water being bottled. Effective cleaning is the only way to achieve and guarantee the safety of water during production.

It would be a costly mistake to sterilize water prior to bottling, and then pollutes it just in the final phase of production. To prevent this, A-grade cleaning machines made with the best materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion with a high level of ease in sanitization should be used.

2. Filling

This process is quite simple but technical because of the specialty of water filling machines needed to carry out the filling process. The choice of the filler is dependent on the bottle. If your bottle is made of glass only, then the focus would be on a water filling machine designed specifically for it. On the flip side, for PET bottles, a different design is needed.

Generally, in this process, the bottles (glass or PET) are grabbed by some grippers, while the dispensing nozzles fill the water into them.

3. Saturating

This step in a water bottling plant is only relevant to those involved in the production of carbonated water. In this setup, a saturation unit that could simultaneously remove air from the water and carbonates it with CO2 using a device directly inserted into the liquid is provided. 

4. Capping

The last stage in a water bottling plant is the capping. Here, the bottles are delivered on a queue to a capping machine which provides the cap and seals the water into a safe and protected environment. After the capping process, the water becomes ready to be shipped into the market to be sold locally or on a bulky scale.


Final Thoughts on The Operations of Water Bottling Plants 

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