Successful Delivery Of Equipment Accessories To Our Clients In South Sudan

Views: 845 Author: Site Editor Publish Time: 2022-09-08 Origin: Site

Congratulations! At the beginning of September, the old customers of Nansuda purchased equipment and accessories from Honor Machine and delivered them. At present, the global competition is fierce, and more and more customers choose to set up their own production lines locally.


Honor Machine, as a globally leading carbonated soft drink filling machine manufacturer always values the South Sudan market.And recently we really feel honored to communicate with our South Sudan customers.

For the old customers, we take great care to maintain them. Because of the long time, many equipment accessories need to be replaced. We will customize the list of accessories for customers to help them prolong the service life of equipment and save costs.

As a professional manufacturer of water filling machinery, Aole Machinery, apart from the quality of equipment, the pursuit of stable functions and reasonable prices, we pay more attention to the design and manufacture of the general control project.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by combining a superior level of expertise with high quality products, all backed by first-class service.


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