Kenya Customer Purchased Water Filling Machine from Honor Machine

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Congratulations! Honor Machine’s old customer purchased water filling machine in October. The Kenya customer had cooperated with Honor Machine for three years and trust Honor Machine so much. The customer ordered the water filling machine without checking it because he believed that Honor always pursues best quality.


water filling machine shipping

In the past few days, our technicians are also checked all our water filling machines to ensure that our products will maintain its best condition when it arrives in Kenya. We are also very grateful to our hard-working staff for their support of this export plan.

In order to successfully export our water filling machine to the Ukrainian market, we have communicated with Kenya customers many times and both of us have made very good preparations. We have already sent the water filling machine to Kenya few days ago so that our customer can receive their goods as soon as possible.


We have cooperated with many companies till now and they all give our products good comments. We sincerely welcome more customers enquiry about our products. You can also contact us and visit our factory. It’s our pleasure to be your guide and make you learn more about our company.


Honor Machine provides the wide range of liquid filling capabilities and industry experience while delivering the lower cost of ownership for our customers. We are not only a filling equipment manufacturer, but also design and build factories, equipment layout, circuit layout and equipment operation schemes. Our equipment is designed carefully, easy to use and easy to manage. Whether you need a machine or a complete filling and packaging system, we have rich experience to ensure the successful completion of your project.


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