How to choose the right water filling machine?

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Just like the conventional Fillers, a water filling machine allows you to place potable water in a container. However, there are different types of water fillers: linear, rotary, automatic, semi-automatic, and the manual or the table top water filling machines. Water filling equipment price varies according to the different types highlighted here.

Here, we help you with how to choose the right water filling machine for your business.

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Water Filling Equipment

Your choice of a water filling machine will be made based on different criteria:

  • The type of container (bottles, cans, etc.).

  • The process environment.

  • The pitch of the machine, that is to say the distance between two filling spouts which determines the smallest and the largest possible bottle diameter for circulation in the machine.

  • Filling technology or type of spout.

  • Load.

  • The production rate to be reached according to the volume of the container.

  • Operating mode.

Other important criteria also count in your choice, such as size, maintainability, control and traceability of filling, in particular in an aseptic environment.

Let's consider the different types of market available water filling machine to guide you when choosing one for your water production business.

The manual or table top fillers

The manual filler requires more human intervention than previous fillers. However, it has the advantage of not requiring any power source. Ideal for use in environments where compressed air and electricity are not available, they allow low-speed production or laboratory use. One can obtain a better quality / price ratio by choosing manual machines, which see their investment optimized when the productivity is not too important. These also have a simpler implementation.


The semi-automatic water filling machine

A semi-automatic filler requires some degree of human intervention. Its main advantage is lies on its rapid implementation and its ease of maintenance. Semi-automatic water filling machines are very versatile. They are available in several versions and can fill volumes up to 30,000 ml. These machines can incorporate a manual capping system or an automated capping machine.


The automatic water filling machine

An automatic water filling machine operates on its own, without human intervention.

Automatic filling machines are capable of performing various operations repeatedly, such as filling, capping and automatic counting of the water products during the packaging operation. Hence, they are regarded as the 3-in-one fillers.

The advantages include their precision and ease of maintenance. They also allow you to work at a high rate. Their main advantage is productivity.


How to choose the type of water filling machine?

There are two types of fillers: rotary and linear.

The rotary fillers allow to obtain very high rates, between 4,000 and 36,000 units per hour. Depending on the desired production, these fillers incorporate 12, 18, 24, 36 and up to 42 filling valves, for packaging volumes of up to 2,000 ml.


Linear fillers can cover a large market, the rate being between 1,000 and 6,000 units per hour depending on the product and packaging.

Depending on the product to be packaged and the capacity of the bottles, the machine will have the most suitable filling system, mainly by volume or by flowmeters, being equipped with plunging spouts for foaming products. These machines are always equipped with an anti-drip system.


Generally, the drinking water bottle filling machine price varies. However, it is dependent on your productivity demands and the type of technology you want to employ in your mineral water production business. 


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