How does Oil Filling Machine Work?

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The liquid filling machines play an essential role in the packaging process. They are capable enough to package different types of liquids, which include carbonated drinks, non-carbonated drinks, water, or oil. At present, we are going to talk about the Oil Filling Machine. There was a time when all oil companies make use of the semi-automatic machines. Today, fully automatic filling machines for oil are present in the market. The companies can easily purchase them and increase their production rate.

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How does Oil Filling Machine work?

This machine can package several items, which includes cooking oil, edible oil, lubricant oil, mustard oil, palm oil, and others. It does not matter what type of oil you want to fill and package; the automatic Oil Filling Machine will work for you.

Cleaning & Vacuum Pressure Process

As we all know that oil is viscose, so the machine makes use of the vacuum filling pressure. This pressure ensures high efficiency. Before filling the bottles, the equipment first cleans and dry them properly. After that, the conveyor takes the bottles to a section where they come under pressure. This section takes the bottle pressure below the environmental pressure. In this way, the filling process becomes easy.

Filling Process

The Oil Filling Machine starts filling the low-pressure bottles slowly. It positions each bottle under the filler, and then the machine fills it to a certain level. This filler has full control over the oil flow. When the bottles start filling one by one, then the conveyor takes them ahead to the section of sealing. The conveyor carefully moves the bottles because they do not have any sealing.   

Sealing Process

When the bottles come to the section of sealing, then the sealing arm covers each bottle tightly with the caps. The arm tightly fixes the cap on the containers so that they do not come out during distribution or delivery process. After that, these bottles go to the section of the labeling.


Labeling Section

In this section, the equipment places labels on the bottles. Because of this reason, consumers get to know the product in detail. The automatic Oil Filling Machine contains a labeling arm which sticks the labels onto the bottles and takes them to the packaging area.

Packaging Section

When the bottles of the oil come to the packaging section, then the arm of this machine picks every bottle and puts it into the cardboard racks. It fills each rack one after the other and then wrap up them properly for delivery.

Last Word

This oil packaging and filling machine performs all of the above steps excellently. Because of its rapid production, all big and small companies make use of it. The working principle of this equipment is easy to understand. It makes use of the latest technology to perform each task. It helps in reducing the labor cost yet is expensive. The tools and components of this equipment belong to popular brands. Still, you need to go for regular maintenance to keep this machine in the running position for an extended period. In short, it is the ideal solution for oil packaging plants.


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