Honor Engineers Focus on Debugging in Brunei

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Congratulations! Honor Machine installation and commissioning personnel installed and commissioned automatic waterline equipment for customers in Brunei. Now all the commissioning has been completed. The customers are very satisfied. The automatic waterline equipment has been successfully delivered to customers.


Honor has been cooperated with the Brunei for a long time. They purchased beverage semi-automatic equipment in our company before. The equipment operated quite well so that they purchased our fully automatic water filling line this time.

Brunei Customers 

This machine is mainly used for the filling of pure water, mineral water and other non-gas and sugar-free beverages in plastic bottles. It is an integrated equipment for washing, filling and sealing. It adopts hanging type air conveyor to make change bottle model more convenient, faster and cleaner. the main machine adopts advanced PLC control technology, the key electric elements adopt international famous products or according to customer's customized.


Honor Machine provides the wide range of liquid filling capabilities and industry experience while delivering the lower cost of ownership for our customers. We are not only a filling equipment manufacturer, but also design and build factories, equipment layout, circuit layout and equipment operation schemes. Our equipment is designed carefully, easy to use and easy to manage. Whether you need a machine or a complete filling and packaging system, we have rich experience to ensure the successful completion of your project.


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