Fully Automatic Mineral Water Filling Line

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Fully Automatic Mineral Water Filling Line

First, the introduction of automatic Mineral water filling line

The fully automatic pure water filling line is used for the production of various mineral water, pure water, fruit juice, wine and other non-carbonated beverages in PET bottles.

The automatic pure water filling machine is mainly used for the purification of source water, filling and sealing the treated sterile water, and finally a series of packaging. The filling capacity is generally 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, etc. As long as the diameter of the bottle body is not much different and the size of the bottle mouth is kept accurate, the filling equipment can be used universally, just replace the corresponding dial and adjust the conveying height.

Second, the components of the automatic mineral water filling line

Fully automatic pure water filling line includes water treatment equipment, bottle blowing equipment, bottle unscrambler, bottle inlet air duct, three-in-one filling machine, capping machine, cap disinfection machine, bottle delivery, light inspection, and drying Equipment, inkjet printers, labeling equipment, packaging equipment.

1. Water treatment part: the source water is stored in the source water tank by the pump, and then the water in the source water tank is passed through the quartz sand filter (removing the main large particles of impurities in the source water) and the activated carbon filter (decolorizing, Deodorization), sodium ion exchanger (remove metal components in source water, soften water quality, prevent scaling), precision filter (also known as security filter, remove some fine particles and bacteria, mainly protect subsequent membrane equipment), hollow fiber Filter or nanofiltration membrane filter (mineral water contains certain mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body, which need to be retained. According to the size of the mineral elements, choose a hollow fiber filter or nanofiltration membrane filter, the purpose is to remove The required impurities, leaving beneficial mineral elements), and finally send the filtered water to the pure water tank, connect it with the pure water tank through the ozone generator, mix the ozone with the pure water, and finally become a sterile finished product water. It's just a small water treatment system.

2. Bottle blowing part: The heated preform is blown into a bottle under the action of high pressure gas through a blow molding machine. When the output is not large, you can choose manual bottling. When the output is large, the blow molding machine and the bottled water filling machine can be directly connected through the air duct, but the premise is that the output of the blow molding machine must be the same as the output of the filling equipment. It can also be equipped with an automatic bottle unscrambler and directly connected to the bottled mineral water filling equipment. After the mineral water is produced during the day, the bottle blowing machine will work overtime at night to meet the production needs of the next day. As for how to match, it needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the manufacturer.

3. Filling part: the bottle enters the mineral water filling machine through the air duct under the action of wind, and then performs aseptic water flushing, filling and capping in sequence. These three parts are integrated into one shell, so it is called three-in-one. filling machine. In the bottled mineral water production equipment, there are two schemes for cap sterilization. A bottle cap sterilization cabinet is provided. After the bottle cap is sterilized, the capping machine sends the bottle cap to the cap organizer, and then slides into the cap. In the online bottle cap sterilizer, the capping machine first sends the bottle caps into the cap organizer, and then enters the online sterilizer, followed by rinsing with disinfectant water, rinsing with sterile water, and air-drying, and finally feeding them into the caps by sliding to part.

4. Packaging part: After the semi-finished products are transported, they need to be subjected to light inspection (manual visual inspection, detection of impurities in the bottle, and the last safety line of defense), drying machine (drying the water on the bottle body, convenient for Subsequent sleeve labeling or labeling), inkjet printer (marking the production date), labeling machine (sleeve labeling or labeling can be selected according to the bottle type), packaging machine (carton packaging or film packaging can be selected). Palletizing equipment is selected, and the whole line is fully automated.


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