Basics of the Liquid Packing Machine

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A liquid packing machine is an essential type of device in the industry that has an enormous level of precision. The primary function of the machine is to fill packaging bottles with the appropriate amounts of liquid in compliance with the guidelines imposed by each company.

Functions of the liquid packing machine

For the liquid filling system to be highly efficient and the work to be carried out successfully, it has to meet a series of results:

The liquid introduced must be exact; it should NOT be less than or a little above the required volume.

· The process must be quick.

· Hygiene must be guaranteed at all times.

· There has to be a high level of precision.

· The whole process must be sterilized.


Types of packaging machines

Though there is a wide range of liquid packaging machines, there are some features that they all share in common. For example, all the packaging systems consist of an accumulator system tank or a circulation system through which the different bottles or containers pass. The significant changes that are prominent between the different types are the nozzles that are used for filling.

However, there are two major divisions of the liquid filling system thus;

· Constant level fillers

· Volumetric Fillers

The volumetric fillers are the most direct and simplest. Their primary application is in filling of bottles with a specific volume of the liquid product. However, they are divided into three groups:

· Beaker fillers

· Fixed piston fillers

· Commanded piston fillers.

Each of the types makes use of a particular form of filling derived from its name depending on the process to be performed. However, although the filling process is precise, the level of filling between the bottles is different from each other. This is another factor that determines the liquid filling machine price.


In the case of constant level fillers, the leveling of liquids is more precise, and the problem of volumetric problems is avoided. There are also three types: siphoned, isobarometric and differential pressure. The filling system is altered depending on the model, but in all three cases the accuracy of this type of liquid packing machine is guaranteed.

To ensure that the filling processes comply with all guidelines in any type of liquid, it is advisable to use a deep and modern analysis system.

· The bottles will be analyzed in their entirety and you can be guaranteed that the following aspects are covered:

· The filling is correct.

· No incident has occurred (with the possibility of setting alarms and previous warnings).

· Any anomaly has been identified.

· The headspace, the space between the filling and the cork, is adequate.

There are different market available liquid filling machines for sale. Such a wide variety makes it challenging for entrepreneurs to make their choice especially the newbies. However, to make the right choice of liquid filling machine, you need to consider your product, the size of your production and the level of efficiency needed, and other factors such as price and more.


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